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How much does it cost to move to Hacienda Grande?
Since each person has an individual need, there are distinct costs for every resident. Hacienda Grande will listen to your needs and assess those needs individually to create a reasonable and affordable plan for you or your loved one.
Can we visit the residents anytime?
Yes, in fact, we encourage our residents to invite their family and friends to the facility. Visiting hours are from Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., however, special arrangements can be made with the Administrator to visit a resident before or after hours. Each visitor is required to sign in when visiting a resident.
Do you allow your residents to bring personal belongings?
Yes. Each resident room is personalized by the resident. We want each resident to decorate his/her room according to his/her own personal taste. Modifications to the structure of the room, paint or wallpaper will need to be approved by the Administrator. To inquire further, contact us at 562-597-7753.
When should I consider moving my loved one to Hacienda Grande?
This decision requires thorough consideration and understanding of the health of your loved ones. You may discuss this among your family members or may want to consult with your primary physician about any concerns. When you are prepared and your loved ones are, too, then we can begin talking about your plans to begin the transition.
Do you screen your caregivers?
Yes. Because we value your trust and confidence in us, we screen each of our care givers prior to employment. If you would like to know the details of our employment process, you may contact us at 562-597-7753.

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